Us noir avec la souris pôle nouvelle anglais clavier d'ordinateur portable pour Lenovo pour IBM Thinkpad E430 E430C E330 E430S E435 S430 T430U

Us noir avec la souris pôle nouvelle anglais clavier d&39;ordinateur portable pour Lenovo pour IBM Thinkpad

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    We use Ali Express Standard Shipping for worldwide free shipping, with most countries receiving parcels between 12-35 days. But there is no guarantee that all countries will be within the promised time. Logistics compensation time according to Ali Express platform to determine.Determine whether the keyboard is suitable for your computer :     1.Determine keyboard length, width is the same.    2. Contrast the front of the keyboard keys are the same.    3. Compare the keyboard cable direction and cable length, the location is the same.    Note:   Some products because of different manufacturers, with your original keyboard there will be some subtle differences, but it will not affect your keyboard.    All of our products are brand new and unused products. Before sending each product, we will conduct rigorous testing to avoid product defects. We use a special carton for packaging, to avoid most of the products in transit damage. After-sales service :    If the product you receive is damaged in transit, please contact us promptly for disposal.If you have a problem with your product within three months of receipt, please contact us and we will resend you a new product.

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3 months

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